Decide on your modular kitchen supplier

Decide on your modular kitchen supplier


With so many modular kitchen providers in Nagpur, it becomes difficult to choose one that would suit your requirements. So, how do you decide which will be the best among all the modular kitchen manufacturers in Nagpur? Well, the first step is to ensure that the person is selling authentic modular kitchen designs and those are not just pieces of fittings set together with nails.

Furthermore, you will have to see that the supplier is providing you the type of modular kitchen design that would suit the needs of your place and taste.

Here is a simple five step guide that would help you in getting the right modular kitchen for your home:

  1. Define the Layout or Shape of Kitchen

It is probably the most important step as you will be finalizing the entire layout of the kitchen to ensure that there are enough cabinets, a proper workstation area while also leaving you with enough moving area and all this is decided by keeping in mind the space that is dedicated for kitchen in your home.

There are total 6 types of modular kitchen layouts that you can choose from:

  1. L-Shaped Layout
  2. Straight Layout
  3. U-Shaped Layout
  4. Parallel or Galley Layout
  5. Island Layout
  6. G-Shaped or Peninsula Layout


  1. Select the Modules

You core focus should be on designing of the cabinets as they will define your storage area and hence mark the utilization of kitchen space. Each module that you will see at the manufacturer store for modular kitchen cabinets in Nagpur will be a combination of pull-outs, drawers and shelves, with each having their specific advantages. However, if we talk about the cost then pull-outs will be costliest of the three and shelves will be the most affordable.

  1. Pick up the Material

There are two major factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the material of your modular kitchen – quality and finesse. Make sure that whichever material or type of wood you are finalizing, it should be tested against termites,and should also be water resistant. Besides, the designing or paint of the material should match your taste as well as the theme of your home.

  1. Choose a Counter Top

One of the most crucial decisions to make while planning your modular kitchen is choosing a perfect counter top which should not just suit all your needs, but should look good with your layout too. You will be provided with choices between solid surfaces, granite and artificial stones mainly as the most preferable materials for counter tops. Pick one keeping in mind the cleaning efforts that each material would take along with the strength that each one of them have.

  1. Find the Perfectly Fitting Sink and Appliances

Once you are done with the entire layout and counter top, you will have to decide between the types of sinks that you want to be installed in your kitchen area – you can choose between single or double bowl, with or without the draining board. Also, you should pick the right size of appliances like fridge, oven and microwave to name a few, whichwould fit the layout of the kitchen and your requirements.